Map of Oil & Natural Gas Drilling & Health Safety Issues in California

California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, Carson, Hermosa Beach, Playa Del Rey, Porter Ranch, Whittier Hills, Baldwin Hills, Long Beach, Venice, More Locations

Purpose of the Map

Living near oil and gas drilling or fracking operations in California has well-documented safety implications. Despite energy companies' claims that these areas are safe, many residents report health concerns linked to these sites. Our map aims to raise awareness about the various issues caused by proximity to energy drilling and fracking operations in California. Search the map to learn more about the oil and gas operations going on around you.

Lack of Transparency

While energy consumption is vital to our well-being, the risks of living near energy production sites remain uncertain. Our objective is to document health concerns on a map, allowing scientists and readers to draw their own conclusions.

How to Submit New Health Concerns to the Map

  1. Blue Dots: Indicate reported oil and gas health or safety news or reported issue.
  2. Red Dots: Energy sites including oil and natural gas drilling sites.
  3. Submission: Add a pin, enter the address, describe the health issue(s), and note the number of affected people.
  4. Sharing: Share the map with friends, family, and government officials.

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