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Drilling Maps

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The web site uses geotargeted advertising provided by Google Ads to serve up relevant ads that fit your profile. Please keep in mind that most of the ads you see on the web site are not sold directly by us and are served up by Google based on your profile. Please do not be offended if you see an oil company ad next to the content we deliver as it is out of our control. We are trying to be objective and impartial about solving the problems and realize that sometimes it might benefit you to see what company is advertising in your area.

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If you or your company or organization is interested in advertising on the web site(s) please contact us. We currently offer 3 advertising slots on the site that range in sizes from 300x250 medium rectangle and 728x90 banner. Flash and animated advertising is allowed.


Sporsorships allow us to re-invest advertising dollars to support your campaign. We buy advertising on your behalf and drive traffic in support of your organziation.


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